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Une nouvelle façon de voir la vie!

  • 2018/08/31

By: Guy Vachon  Mon nom est Guy Vachon et j’aimerais vous faire part de la magnifique expérience que j’ai vécue dernièrement. D’abord.... Read more

Before and after, the amazing result of Claude Chouinards’ Panchakarma

  • 2018/07/30

Tired, drained of energy and in great need of transformation is how I felt when I checked in at Oneworld Ayurveda for a fourth Panchakarma (PK). I kne.... Read more

Authentic Panchakarma

  • 2018/03/26

I have not heard of Oneworld Ayurveda (OWA) three weeks prior to my booking. I just knew I wanted a yoga/meditation retreat in Bali. That said, I .... Read more

A healing connection

  • 2018/02/19

Recently mother and daughter Eila and Miriam Weber from Switzerland did a 14 days Panchakarma at Oneworld Ayurveda. Although they have a close and.... Read more