What is a Panchakarma?

  • 2022/06/22

Pancha means five Karma means actions Actions refer to the five forms of detox therapy you may experience during a Panchakarma. At Oneworld Ayurveda, you will have an in-depth consultation with our Ayurvedic doctors who will assess your Dosha imbalances and medical condition. The doctors will then prescribe a treatment plan including one or m.... Read more

6 Ayurvedic Tips To Take Care of Your Mental Health

  • 2022/06/21

June is Alzheimer's and mental health awareness month. According to the World Health Organization - Mental Health, mental health disorders and substance abuse affects 13% of the world’s population. The number of people with mental health disorders is increasing globally. Stress, lack of emotional well-being, and a lack of physical exercise and .... Read more

Ayurvedic Tips for Travellers

  • 2022/06/17

Whether you’re going on a short or long-haul flight, Ayurveda has some great tips for travellers. When you travel the elements that can become imbalanced are air and space—this can lead to headaches, dryness, dehydration and disorientation. How to stay healthy and calm when travelling: Before setting off give your head and feet an oil m.... Read more

The importance of water according to Ayurveda

  • 2022/06/16

We are made of water and it is one of the most vital elements for all life on earth. In Ayurveda water is used to purify the body internally and externally. Drinking water is one of the easiest ways to detoxify your body while showering and bathing daily cleanses your aura. While we all know how good water is for our health, many of us do not dr.... Read more

Managing Stress with Ayurveda

  • 2022/06/02

In the fast-paced world we live in, stress has become commonplace and a daily reality for some people. While some stress, within limits, can help us achieve our goals, if it becomes constant it can lead to serious burnout and have serious consequences on our health. What can we learn from ancient Ayurvedic wisdom to curb stress in the modern era.... Read more

The Connection between Yoga & Ayurveda

  • 2022/05/18

Yoga and Ayurveda are sister Vedic sciences, or two pillars, that support each other in achieving a healthy body, happy mind, clarity of intellect, free senses and a calm soul. The origin of this relationship is said to be that a yogic master and disciple were meditating on why they still got broken bones and suffered from disease so God respo.... Read more

What is an Authentic Panchakarma at Oneworld Ayurveda?

  • 2022/05/04

What is an Authentic Panchakarma at Oneworld Ayurveda in Ubud, Bali? | The Ayurveda Way An authentic Panchakarma is a very unique and powerful detoxification technique which is used in Ayurveda. There are four things that are very important in an authentic Panchakarma according to Ayurveda. The Doctor You need a very skilled doctor .... Read more

World Malaria Day 2022: Ayurvedic Home Remedies for Treating Malaria

  • 2022/04/26

World Malaria Day is celebrated every year on 25 April as an opportunity for the global community to collectively raise our voice in unison to keep malaria high on the global health agenda. This year, the theme is a reminder for us to reduce the malaria disease burden and save lives. Malaria is a vector-borne disease commonly found in tropical .... Read more

Eating healthily, the Ayurveda way

  • 2022/01/31

"Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food." This is far from being new, it was said by Hippocrates back in years 400 BC! Eating properly can help cure a number of diseases. The purity of what we eat will not only purify our inner self but also influence our emotions, amazing! Eating well and mindfully is one solution to a healthy life— .... Read more

Ayurvedic Protocols to Follow in Respiratory Pandemic Situations

  • 2020/03/28

When a pathogen enters the body our defense mechanism gets activated and starts fighting against the foreign element, trying to neutralize the toxicity caused and trigger the healing response to repair the damage. If the immune system is strong the foreign element creates less havoc, but for immunocompromised individuals, it can prove to be fatal. .... Read more

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