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The Renaissance of Rafaela Rica

  • 2018/06/04

Published on Living Magazine – Albania |View pdf here ‘I work hard but like to take it slow; since I decided to put my work into my function and .... Read more

Ayurveda – the Wisdom of Life

  • 2018/05/02

Published on: YOGIVIEW magazine A little introduction Ayurveda is an ancient System of Mind Body Health, dated back to over 5000 years. This Body of W.... Read more

Oneworld Ayurveda Bali – Authentic Panchakarma in Ubud

  • 2018/03/22

February 2018 Article by : Melanie | Good Morning World The soothing sound of the golden singing bowl wakes me up softly from my dreams. I slowly open.... Read more

Ayurvedic Panchakarma // Oneworld Ayurveda Review

  • 2018/02/13

Article by : Emmily Banks Oneworld Ayurveda in Bali is a retreat to completely immerse you in ancient Ayurvedic therapies that will leave you feeling .... Read more

purification ritual

21 Days of Panchakarma in Bali

  • 2017/08/24

So I wasn’t going to post anything during my Panchakarma retreat in Bali… however after a full week in I wanted to share something I feel is very .... Read more

Therapy, Tea and Transformation

  • 2017/06/22

Tamsin Angus-Leppan embarks on a healing journey at a blissful Ayurvedic retreat in Bali where she balances her doshas, opens her chakras … and .... Read more

Spa Trend: Great Eastern

  • 2016/09/20

  Ayurvedic spas are the new superheroes of the wellness world. This ancient Indian practice aims to rebalance you through discovering your inner.... Read more

‘MUST-SPA’ list to experience in Bali for 2016

  • 2016/06/02

A healing spa situated in a museum, ultra-sound facials and a blind therapist who can analyze your blockages via a foot massage  — the best spa.... Read more

Oneworld Ayurveda Destination to Open in Ubud, Bali in September

  • 2016/05/27

From September 1 2016, guests can experience one of the world’s oldest holistic healing systems, in a brand new Ayurveda resort near Ubud. Based.... Read more

New bespoke Ayurveda destination to open in the rice fields of Bali

  • 2016/05/24

ONEWORLD ayurveda is a 12-room retreat centre dedicated to Panchakarma A new fully-dedicated Ayurveda resort is set to open in the rice field terraces.... Read more