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Your health is your wealth

  • 2018/04/18

If you ever want to treat yourself then this is the one. I have been introduced to Ayurveda science by a friend who was suffering from very bad ecze.... Read more

Health and Disease in Ayurveda

  • 2018/04/11

Ayurveda defines health in a much wider sense than just the absence of disease. In this article, our Ayurvedic doctors shed some light on this top.... Read more

Authentic Panchakarma

  • 2018/03/26

I have not heard of Oneworld Ayurveda (OWA) three weeks prior to my booking. I just knew I wanted a yoga/meditation retreat in Bali. That said, I .... Read more

A healing connection

  • 2018/02/19

Recently mother and daughter Eila and Miriam Weber from Switzerland did a 14 days Panchakarma at Oneworld Ayurveda. Although they have a close and.... Read more

Ayurveda tips for treating diabetes

  • 2018/01/30

Whole grains of barley, wheat, red rice, finger millet, pearl millet and foxtail millet are very beneficial in diabetes. Consume cooked or unco.... Read more

with Dr. Ninnu and Dr. Aparna

Tackling My Eating Disorder

  • 2018/01/22

Written By K, Australia I have suffered from an eating disorder for just on 25 years. Over that time, there have been limited moments of silence,.... Read more

Ayurveda tips to reduce high cholesterol

  • 2018/01/09

Do regular yoga and exercises like walking for an hour, preferably daily. Regular physical activity can help increase HDL cholesterol. Eat your.... Read more