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ayurveda panchakarma for eating disorder recovery

21 Days of Panchakarma in Bali

  • 2017/08/24

By Kylie van der Veer So I wasn’t going to post anything during my Panchakarma retreat in Bali… however after a full week in I wanted to share something I feel is very important. I suffer from severe anxiety. I probably have all my life, however after several misguided diagnosis I was officially diagnosed eleven years ago. This reall.... Read more


Cleansing emotionally through Ayurveda

  • 2017/07/24

A veteran, that's me. Of Panchakarma that is, having done 18 of these annual Ayurvedic cleanses. The difference is that up till now, I didn't need one. This time my throat is so sore that swallowing anything is torture. I've been living off mouthfuls of soup for two weeks and have lost so much weight that I can fit into skin tight trousers again..... Read more


Your Sweet Touch

  • 2017/07/21

Squeezing therapist Lina's arm she feels like a boxer. Though I've never squeezed a boxer's arm. Unlike a boxer, her touch is soft as butter. Admittedly, I've never experienced a boxer's touch, perhaps I'd like that too.     Oneworld Ayurveda therapists were trained for a solid six months pre our December opening. Our senior.... Read more


From Hell to Heaven

  • 2017/07/04

There are truly no words to thoroughly express my love for the staff at Oneworld Ayurveda. I could have never predicted this experience to be as life-changing and beautiful as it was. If I had to sum up my experience in a nutshell, I would simply say I just want to help people to feel the way I feel. My story is not an easy one to tell... re.... Read more