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Your health is your wealth

  • 2018/04/18

If you ever want to treat yourself then this is the one. I have been introduced to Ayurveda science by a friend who was suffering from very bad eczema.... Read more

Authentic Panchakarma

  • 2018/03/26

I have not heard of Oneworld Ayurveda (OWA) three weeks prior to my booking. I just knew I wanted a yoga/meditation retreat in Bali. That said, I have.... Read more

A healing connection

  • 2018/02/19

Recently mother and daughter Eila and Miriam Weber from Switzerland did a 14 days Panchakarma at Oneworld Ayurveda. Although they have a close and hea.... Read more

with Dr. Ninnu and Dr. Aparna

Tackling My Eating Disorder

  • 2018/01/22

Written By K, Australia I have suffered from an eating disorder for just on 25 years. Over that time, there have been limited moments of silence, and .... Read more

An absolutely rejuvenating experience

  • 2017/10/11

Words are not enough to describe how magical Oneworld Ayurveda retreat is. From the moment you send them an email to the day you leave,it is a 5-star .... Read more

happy panchakarma guest

What a tremendous find

  • 2017/09/29

My first encounter with Ayurveda was about 20 years ago through Deepak Chopra, whose book ‘Ageless Body, Timeless Mind’ was a rapid bestse.... Read more

Cleansing emotionally through Ayurveda

  • 2017/07/24

A veteran, that’s me. Of Panchakarma that is, having done 18 of these annual Ayurvedic cleanses. The difference is that up till now, I didn̵.... Read more

From Hell to Heaven

  • 2017/07/04

There are truly no words to thoroughly express my love for the staff at Oneworld Ayurveda. I could have never predicted this experience to be as life-.... Read more

A journey back to life

  • 2017/06/18

I was done, I had totally given up hope and felt so exhausted to keep trying on my own, my situation was bad, mind hopeless and all over the place. Bu.... Read more

Experiencing authentic Panchakarma in Bali

  • 2017/06/05

Experiencing an authentic Panchakarma is very different from what is offered as Panchakarma in most Ayurvedic centres around the world. It is definite.... Read more