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A little introduction

Ayurveda is an ancient System of Mind Body Health, dated back to over 5000 years.
This Body of Wisdom reminds us to reconnect, realign ourselves back with Nature.

As much as this science can be somewhat complex in the understanding of the human physiology, it is also incredibly simple for all of us to understand and be reminded of the natural principles that govern our wellbeing.

Unfortunately, we live in a world that has gone a bit crazy! Too Fast Too Much Too Busy!!!! We meet many people that are suffering from stress, anxiety, depression and disease, a direct consequence of a life that has become out of balance.

Charaka the Author of the Charaka Samhita (one of the ancient Ayurvedic Texts) says There is no use in having a long life if one is not healthy enough to enjoy it!

Ayurveda understands the unification of Body Mind & Spirit as being Healthy “Svastha” when you are established in your “self”.

It examines how establishment of self comes about, how it is maintained, and how it is upset.

Sushruti Samhita
sama dosa sama agnischa sama dhatu mala kriyaaha prasanna atma indriya manaha svastha iti abhidheeyate

One who is established in Self, who has balanced doshas (primary life forces) balanced agni (fire of digestion) properly formed dhatus (tissues) proper elimination of malas (waste products) well functioning bodily processes and whose mind, soul and senses are at peace is a healthy person.

This sloka says that both the physical body and the human spirit must be balanced for there to be health.

At the foundation of Ayurvedic principles for healing, is our  Digestion, we are not what we eat, BUT we are what we Digest!!!

Agni (digestion) literally means fire, if our fire of digestion is not working properly, we will not be absorbing & assimilating our food and will not have proper elimination of our Malas (wastes)

From this we will not be attaining the nutrients needed or have the capacity to transport them to the prospective Dhatus (tissues) to nourish and enable, proper functioning of all the body/mind systems.

Instead we accumulate Ama (toxins) by improper digestion which weakens our whole system, and lays the seed for disease to manifest.

Ayurveda explains that we are a part of nature and are made up of the same qualities that we see and experience in nature. These elements are called the Pancha Maha Bhuta’s

Ether, Air, Fire, Water, Earth.

In the human framework, the 5 elements condense down to 3 Doshas/Forces. Each dosha is a combination of two of the elements.

Vata – Air & ether
Pitta – Fire & water
Kapha – Earth & water

At the time of conception, depending on our mother & fathers state of body/mind, we inherit our share of the three dosha’s in different quantities to form our constitution – called Prakruti.

The respective doshas have the similar qualities of the elements that make them up.

Like attracts Like is a simple profound principle, that shows us we often attract more of the same qualities that already dominate in our constitution causing an excess in one of the doshas, that can lead to many body/mind afflictions. When we understand the qualities of these forces we can pacify the afflicted doshas.

They say that Nature is the King Physician, we just need to reconnect and access her wonder.

An Ayurvedic doctor/consultant works as a guide, to re-educate someone back to health, through their knowledge of natural law.

Ayurveda treats the person very specific to their individual needs, taking into consideration the persons, diet, lifestyle, work, environment, history, mental/emotional state, inquiring into all possible effects on the Body Mind that will inform the practitioner in their diagnosis and treatment.

Using Daily Routine, Lifestyle, Purification and Rejuvenation in the form of specific treatments, herbs and diet to maintain and restore Health.

If you are looking to cultivate peace of mind, and renewed health, through balanced Lifestyle aligned with nature, you might like to search out, Ayurvedic treatment centres, that offer Panchakarma which is a complete purification and rejuvenation program, check out Oneworld Ayurveda in Bali!

YOGIVIEW magazine is a printed yoga magazine in Bali, dedicated to yoga and Ayurveda, healthy food, philosophy, Balinese culture and where to go for yoga and Ayurveda in Bali.  The magazine provides an authentic source of inspiration for a body of knowledge for Health and wellbeing to guide, remind and inspire us back to our true nature.



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