Ayurveda is the ancient science of life originated in India 3000-5000 years ago, the traditional healing modality of the Vedic culture. It literally translates into “the wisdom of life”; the holistic science advocates that health and wellness depend on a delicate balance between mind, body, and spirit.

It is based on concepts about maintaining health, preventing and curing disease by promoting the use of herbal compounds, special diets, and further unique health practices.

Ayurveda is not a “one-size-fits-all” system. Instead, its regimens are tailored to each person’s unique Prakruti (Ayurvedic constitution), taking into account his or her needs for nutrition, exercise, personal hygiene, social interaction, and other lifestyle elements.

It is free of negative side effects and offers economical solutions to the most current health problems worldwide.

“He who cures a disease may be the skillfullest, but he that prevents it is the safest physician.” —Thomas Fuller

Since 2003, ONEWORLD retreats’ founders Claude and Iyan have been interested in Ayurveda after they were introduced to the science by Ibu Ruli, a Hindu Javanese woman who studied in India. The Ayurvedic Chakra Dhara has become a signature massage, both at the retreat’s Spa as well as at the Day Spa Center, and is highly praised by all guests.

Recently, ONEWORLD retreats took the decision to go deeper and to offer every retreat participant the opportunity to find out more about this science and book an extra Ayurvedic package as a bonus to their retreat, which – amongst other things – includes a private consultation and body type evaluation with the highly acknowledged Ayurvedic doctor from India, Dr Aparna.

Dr Aparna is one of the few specialists with a PhD in Ayurveda – most Ayurvedic doctors have a bachelor’s degree only. Dr Aparna is here in Bali with her husband Dr Joshi, a lecturer of Ayurveda at the University in Denpasar.

She comes from a pure Ayurvedic family operating a very successful hospital in Kerala, India.

Additional to the private consultation that will be offered to retreat participants, Dr Aparna will launch her very own retreat at Kumara Sakti: “The Ayurveda Way – Ayurveda Detox & Yoga Retreat; A journey into wealthness”.

This retreat is designed for guests to discover Ayurvedic diet and Ayurvedic lifestyle. In a Balinese setting guests will learn how to incorporate the benefits of Ayurveda into daily life. One will discover more about their individual constitution and patterns of their body and mind in order to get closer to a harmonious and balanced lifestyle.

The all-inclusive holistic retreat features a private in-depth consultation with Dr Aparna, authentic and healing Ayurvedic Spa treatments executed by a team of expert practitioners, workshops on the science of Ayurveda, combined with healthy and balanced meals, twice daily yoga classes and participation in true Balinese culture and everyday traditions and rituals; all set at one of Bali’s most beautiful resorts, hidden in the lush jungle near Ubud.

Over the past years, ONEWORLD retreats have created unique experiences and have become one of the most popular retreat services in Bali – with thousands of guests that have already participated. They have proven to be a high quality travel agency, hosting only the best retreats of highest standard.

Therefore, it can be expected that the newest addition to their signature retreats will not fall short on any wishes and that each guest will benefit from the most valuable experiences.

Dr. Aparna is leading the Ayurveda Detox & Yoga Retreat, at ONEWORLD retreats.

Retreat Dates 2016:
14-20 February
3-9 July
18-24 December

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