M1024px-SDM-circle3enstruation is a painful process that women have to go through. However, that pain can be alleviated through the following Ayurvedic methods.

  1. Practise yoga postures such as Vajrasana, Pavanmuktasana, Bhujangasana and Titali asana. Avoid strenuous yogic postures during menstrual cycle
  2. Alternate nostril breathing and meditation will help minimising the emotional ups and downs around menstrual cycle
  3. Eat healthy, warm & fresh food and include leafy and fibrous vegetables in your diet. Reduce caffeine consumption. Eat less chili, garlic and hot & pungent food. Avoid consuming white sugar, processed white flours, artificial colouring and additives
  4. Put 5g of fenugreek seeds in 200ml of boiled water. Reduce the amount of water to 150ml. Drink this twice daily one week before the cycle begins up until the day after the cycle ends
  5. Consume 2 tbsp of flax seeds or sesame seeds every single day during the cycle
  6. Mix 5ml of castor oil with hot water. This is best consumed to tackle constipation
  7. Consume 5ml of fresh organic Aloe vera juice every day for 3 months but not during the cycle. This helps detoxing the uterus and ovaries
  8. Refrain from physical and mental exertion


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