Food plays an important role in Ayurveda because it is directly concerned with your health. Here are some food for thoughts (pun intended) on their relationship:

  • Three pillars of health are the right quantity & quality of food, the right amount of sleep and a disciplined sexual life
  • The intake of food should be regulated by the condition of Agni – the digestive fire in the body
  • Even wholesome food consumed in appropriate amount will not get digested if the individual is in the state of anger, fear, worry or depression
  • One should not talk or laugh while eating but should rather eat with due attention to the food served
  • Consume only seasonal fruits and vegetables
  • Food which is wrong in combination, has undergone the wrong processing, consumed in the wrong amount, consumed during the wrong time, season or climate, is opposite to the homologation or has an unpleasant taste is Viruddha Ahara (incompatible food)
  • The appropriate quantity of food for an individual depends on the Agnibala (digestive power) of a person which varies according to the person and also the nature of the food he/she is taking
  • One should not take food too rapidly or too slowly
  • Food should be consumed after considering one’s constitution, capacity of digestive power, the season, the time of day and whether the previously taken food has been digested or not
  • A well-balanced diet according to Ayurveda should include all of the six tastes; they are sweet, astringent, sour, salty, pungent and bitter

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