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Food in Ayurveda

  • 2016/02/25

Food plays an important role in Ayurveda because it is directly concerned with your health. Here are some food for thoughts (pun intended) on thei.... Read more


Managing Stress with Ayurveda

  • 2016/02/24

In Ayurveda, in order to manage your stress you, firstly, have to identify the external and internal causes of stress. Once you have identified th.... Read more


Ayurvedic Quotes

  • 2016/02/23

Here are some Ayurvedic quotes that you should practise in your life: There are ten sins pertaining to the body, mind and speech which should be a.... Read more


Ayurvedic Beauty Tips

  • 2016/02/22

One of the great things about Ayurveda is that it beautifies you in a way that is easily obtainable. The following beauty tips can be done by using st.... Read more


Ginger & Honey Drink

  • 2015/12/17

Ingredients: 3 tbsp honey 2 tbsp ginger   Method: Extract juice of ginger and add 2 tbsp in a bowl Add 3 tbsp of honey to t.... Read more

Mango with pineapple smoothie in jug and glasses

Pineapple Juice

  • 2015/12/15

• 1 cup fresh, ripe organic pineapple • ½ tsp fresh black pepper • 1 tsp organic honey • A pinch of salt Place all ingredients in f.... Read more


Papaya & Banana Juice

[caption id="attachment_104" align="alignnone" width="300"][/caption] • 1 cup ripe papaya, including 2 ripe seeds • 1 banana • 1 tbsp s.... Read more

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