Having diabetes makes your food options limited. The following Ayurvedic treats are diabetic-friendly and easy to make.

  1. Drink at least one tablespoon of bitter gourd juice. It will reduce your blood sugar levels in your blood and urine
  2. Mix  1 tbsp of Indian gooseberry juice with 1 cup of fresh bitter gourd juice. Daily consumption for at least two months will enable the pancreas to secrete insulin
  3. Mix 100g of grinded fenugreek seeds with 50g of turmeric and white pepper. Take 1 tsp of the powder followed by a glass of water. Alternatively, you may also put the powder in your tea. Drink twice daily
  4. Make a salad using 2 or 3 Indian gooseberry and 2-3 inches of fresh turmeric slices. Consume the salad 30 minutes before your lunch or dinner

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